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JasonCConleyAbout the Author: In 1999, Jason Conley drew a picture of a young woman’s face. It eventually became the cover of the book you now hold. When not consumed by writing or art, Jason canoes, fishes, and hikes the rolling hills of Tennessee with his family.

There are secrets to this world we live in. Some faintly whispered, others hidden in plain view. Some of those secrets have been carefully placed throughout this book. Truth and fiction, it is what we try to discern between every day, though I wonder is it even recognizable anymore?

Do we know the truth or are we simply told what to believe in and what is real? It is a journey we are all on. It will be up to you to decide which parts are which.

Break loose of those chains and look around you, because the truth… will set you free.

KingdomofVoshCoverBook Synopsis: Secrets have been formed in the dark corners of the kingdom. Change is in the air and whispers of new ideas and technologies have swept the land. Unfortunately, the King is old and simple and his daughter is concerned only with worldly possessions. A man by the name of Buul, a man long forgotten, has returned to pay a visit to the King on the King’s birthday. He has not come empty handed and will be the King’s undoing.

The King, in moments of panic and war, can trust no one with the protection of his daughter. He quickly decides to entrust her life with a creature most vile and uncommon and chains her to a Vork. He does not leave her empty handed though. His last gift to the Princess is an amulet with powers even he does not comprehend. The land’s only chance, the only one loyal to the King’s memory, is the daughter that cares nothing of the Kingdom of Vosh.


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Tour Schedule and Activities

November 20             Watch Play Read                                           Review

November 20             Beagle Book Space                                    Contest

November 21             Sapphyria’s Book Reviews                         Guest Post

November 22             Jess Resides Here                                      Guest Post

November 23             Lost Inside the Covers                                    Review

November 24             Armand Rosamilia, Horror Author                 Guest Post

November 25      The Official Writing Blog of Dee Dee Davies   Guest Post

November 26             Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews            Guest Post

November 27              Spellbindings                                              Review

November 28              Workaday Reads                                       Guest Post

November 29             Bee’s Knees Reviews                                  Review

November 30             Azure Dwarf                                            Review

December 1                Vampires, Witches, & Me, Oh My!        Guest Post

December 3                BookStore-BookBlogger Connection      Interview

December 4                Myriad Musings                                      Guest Post

December 6                Come Selahway With Me                       Guest Post

December 7                Breath of Life                                             Review

December 9                Book in the Bag                                        Review

December 11              Angela Meadon Blog                                 Review

December 12               Myriad Musings                                         Interview

December 13              Deal Sharing Aunt                                   Review

December 15              SpecMusicMuse                             Review/Interview

December 16              Word to Dreams                             Review

December 18              A Haunted Head                               Interview

December 19              Bookishly Me                                     Review

December 20              The Dan Brien Project                       Guest Post

December 23              Sheila Deeth Blog                               Review


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