Testimonials about Stephen Zimmer, principle representative for Tomorrow Comes Media:

“Steve Zimmer is a high-energy advocate of excellence in literature. You can’t ask for a more caring, responsible and ambitious person backing you. I highly recommend his services!” – Dianne Gardner, artist and author of the Ian’s Realm Saga

“I was amazed at the professional and personal level of service that Stephen Zimmer portrayed during my recent blog tour. Being new to this area of marketing was somewhat scary for me, but Stephen lead me through the complete tour with masterful ease. Not only did the tour increase sales of the book I was promoting, but I was able to learn how the tour was conducted with the service provided by Mr. Zimmer about the scheduled events, timing, and content of the tour. I was very impressed and will use his service again in the future.” Georgia L. Jones, author of the Legends of Darkness Series

“I have had the pleasure of working with Stephen Zimmer since November 2011, when he first appeared on my blog to promote his books. Since that time, I have worked with Stephen on blog tours both through Seventh Star Press and First Rule Publicity. He is one of the few tour hosts that I work with that always checks with me before a tour stop to ensure that I have all materials needed. He is passionate about promoting authors, and his care comes across in his dealings with me. I have the utmost respect for Stephen, and I know the time and dedication it takes to organize a blog tour. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen to any author who is looking for someone who will handle their tour in a professional manner.”-Darlene, of Darlene’s Book Nook

“”When I worked with Stephen Zimmer, I got the feeling that he really cared personally about my books and the blog tour experience I got. He reached out to me at least twice a week during a two month tour, and once our contract ended he continued to keep in touch.

A blog tour is a tricky thing to manage. The marketing company – First Rule, in this case – has to manage demanding authors as well as bloggers. Stephen made certain that those who made the commitments to review or promo my books did just that.

My experience with First Rule got my titles into blogs that I could have only dreamed about otherwise. My name as an author is now present throughout the Googleverse, and that is thanks to First Rule and especially to Stephen.” Alison DeLuca, author of the Crown Phoenix Series