3 Brand New Blog Tours Available For Signups!

From JL Mulvihill’s wonderfully imaginative young adult/steampunk/alternative history Steel Roots Series, to Dan Jolley’s thrilling science fiction/urban fantasy/superhero fiction fusion Gray Widow’s War, to Stephen Zimmer’s young adult/dystopian/cross-genre Dream of the Navigator, we have three engaging, entertaining reads for you to explore in these blog tours!

We are looking for review, guest post, author interview, top ten list, and video/VLOG opportunities.  Here’s a little bit about each of the books along with a link to the full information and signup page for each tour!

JL Mulvihill’s Steel Roots Series Blog Tour
Dates: August 8-16
Genres: Young Adult, Steampunk, and Alternative History

More and more readers are discovering the wonderfully imaginative Steel Roots Series from JL Mulvihill! A young adult, steampunk, alternative history adventure, the Steel Roots series features three books, The Boxcar Baby, Crossings, and Rails West.

Character-driven and beautifully written, the Steel Roots series is the focus of this new blog tour running from August 8-16! Looking for reviewers of any of the titles, in addition to guest post, interview, and top ten list opportunities! (or feel free to suggest an activity to us!)

Link for full information and signups! 

Dan Jolley’s Gray Widow’s War Blog Tour
Dates: August 13-20
Genres: Urban Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Superhero Fiction


The final installment in USA Today Bestselling Author Dan Jolley’s Gray Widow Trilogy, Gray Widow’s War, is featured in a new blog tour set to take place July 16-23. Featuring a great heroine in Janey Sinclair, the Gray Widow, the series is action-packed and appeals to readers of many genres.

With aliens and genetic mutations in the series, the Gray Widow Trilogy encompasses science fiction, urban fantasy and superhero fiction. The covers for this series were done by Dark Horse Comics artist John Nadeau.

Dan is a fantastic guest to have with his wide range of creative work entailing comics, video games, novels, table-top games, and other mediums. We are looking for reviewers of this series and if you participate in the blog tour, you can choose any of the books in the trilogy to feature in a review.

Stephen Zimmer’s Dream of the Navigator Blog Tour
Dates: August 15-22
Genres: Young Adult, Dystopian, Contemporary Fantasy, Cross-Genre

“1984 and Brave New World meets Narnia” in this exciting new young adult release from award-wining author Stephen Zimmer.  Four main characters begin their journeys in the Faraway Saga, a tale that invites readers to explore infinite horizons!

A blend of genres featuring a near-future setting with massive high tech cities, alongside visionary, fantastical realms, Dream of the Navigator is the kind of book that can be enjoyed by all kinds of readers.

We are celebrating this new release with a full blog tour featuring reviews, interviews, video contents, guest posts and top ten lists!

Link to full information and signups!

Brand New Science Fiction Blog Tour Signups for Cindy Koepp’s The Loudest Actions

We are excited to invite you on a science fiction adventure with Cindy Koepp in her new novel The Loudest Actions, the followup to Remnant in the Stars!


Cindy’s first book took readers to new worlds in a character-driven storyline filled with action and humor, in a blend that one reviewer described as “combination of Han Solo (and Chewie and the Falcon) and Cowboy Bebop.” Now get ready for the next adventure in the pages of The Loudest Actions!

The tour will run from Monday, November 7th, all the way through Monday, November 21st.

To signup and see more book information visit the tour signup page here: http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/cindy-koepps-the-loudest-actions-blog-tour-sign-ups-science-fiction/

RJ Sullivan’s Commanding the Red Lotus Tour Signups are Live!

We have a great science fiction virtual tour to offer with RJ Sullivan’s Commanding the Red Lotus, a brand new compendium featuring 3 Red Lotus novellas that will appeal to science fiction readers, especially those who enjoy space opera!  Tour runs from June 27 to July 3rd!  follow the link below for the signup page

RJ Sullivan’s Commanding the Red Lotus Tour Signups

Genre: Science Fiction/Space Opera

Two More Tours Open for Signups, in Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, and SciFi/Horror/Urban Fantasy!

We have two more tours now open for signups, be sure to see all 6 currently available!


Elizabeth Donald’s Nocturne Infernum
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Tour Dates: September 28 to October 4th

Sign up for the Hunt for the Nocturne Infernum Tour at: http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/elizabeth-donalds-nocturne-infernum-urban-fantasyparanormal-romance/


R.J. Sullivan’s Darkness With a Chance of Whimsy
Genre: Science Fiction/Horror/Urban Fantasy
Tour Dates: September 28 to October 4th

Sign up for the Hunt for the Darkness With a Chance of Whimsy Tour at:http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/r-j-sullivans-darkness-with-a-chance-of-whimsy-science-fictionhorrorurban-fantasyparanormal/

3 Brand New Tours Available For Sign-Ups!

We are proud to announce 3 great new week-long blog tours for mid-later June!

They are:

Irredeemable_Cover650X400Jason Sizemore’s Irredeemable, exploring a great collection of dark fantasy/science fiction stories. Nominated three times for the prestigious Hugo Award for his work with Apex Magazine, Jason unveils his wonderful gifts as a writer in this new short story collection!

More information and sign-up form at:


HerosBestFriendCover1200X800Hero’s Best Friend: An Anthology of Animal Companions! Fantasy and science fiction tales where the animal companion gets the spotlight! Edited by Scott Sandridge, this one features the involvement of a number of great authors!

more information and sign-ups at:


TransportBookOneFinalCover650X435Transport by Peter Welmerink, brings you an adventure in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested America. Very character driven and perfect for those who enjoy stories like The Walking Dead!

More information and signups at: