4 Brand New Tours Now Available for Sign-Ups!

We are proud to be offering 4 brand new week-long blog tours, featuring an array of genre options!


Jackie Gamber’s Reclamation tour is now available for sign-ups for those who enjoy well-crafted YA Fantasy.  Reclamation is the followup to Redheart and Sela, and completes the Leland Dragon Series!  Tour runs from February 24 to March 2!


Eric Garrison’s Sinking Down is the next step of the Road Ghosts Trilogy, following last year’s Four ‘Til Late.  A wild ride along a paranormal/urban fantasy road!  Sign up today for the Sinking Down Tour!  Tour runs from February 24 to March 2!


Steven Shrewsbury’s Philisitine brings you a unique start to a new franchise!  True epic-scale Sword and Sorcery, telling the story of Goliath, of biblical fame.  This is not the version you’ve heard in Sunday School though!  Set in the same world as Gorias La Gaul, centuries later!  Sign ups are available now!  Tour runs from March 3 to March 9!

ryder new cover 1

Violet Patterson celebrates the release of an Emerald Seer boxed set with an exciting week-long blog tour filled with activities.  The acclaimed paranormal/urban fantasy novels introduce you to a thrilling world that lies just beneath the surface of our own.  Sign up today for Violet’s Emerald Seer tour!  Tour runs from March 3 to March 9!

Sign Ups Now Active for SSP Anthology Extravaganza Virtual Tour!

SSP Anthology Extravaganza Promo Badge

Dystopian, Paranormal/Ghost Stories, Horror/Dark Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, and comprehensive Speculative Fiction are all featured in the SSP Anthology Extravaganza that is now available for our blog hosting family to sign up for!

Tour-wide giveaway will be included, and bloggers can choose which anthology (genre) they would like to feature as a part of this big tour!

Activities will feature a variety of authors, editors, and perhaps even artists! :)

Take a look at the covers and synopsis of the five books involved, and then be sure to claim a date for your blog site! This is going to be a really exciting virtual tour!


Welcome to Tomorrow Comes Media

Welcome to the official site for Tomorrow Comes Media! We offer virtual tour and promotional services for quality authors, publishers, and blog sites. We are proud to offer six wonderful new tours at our launch, associated with the fine folks at Blackwyrm Publishing!

You will find individual sign up pages under the Tour Sign Ups menu above for the following tours:

Andrew Toy (contemporary fantasy) April 29 to May 29

Jason S. Walters (science fiction) May 1 to May 31

Lawrence Weill (thriller) May 6 to June 5

L. Andrew Cooper (dark fantasy) May 8 to June 7

Cathy Benedetto (science fiction/fantasy) May 13 to June 12

Marlene Mitchell and Gary Yeagle (mystery) May 15 to June 14

If you are a blog site, be sure to fill out our tour host information form under the Want to be a Host menu.

Get ready for some great reads and fun virtual tours!