RJ Sullivan’s Commanding the Red Lotus Tour Signups are Live!

We have a great science fiction virtual tour to offer with RJ Sullivan’s Commanding the Red Lotus, a brand new compendium featuring 3 Red Lotus novellas that will appeal to science fiction readers, especially those who enjoy space opera!  Tour runs from June 27 to July 3rd!  follow the link below for the signup page

RJ Sullivan’s Commanding the Red Lotus Tour Signups

Genre: Science Fiction/Space Opera

USA Today Best Selling Author Dan Jolley’s Gray Widow’s Walk Virtual Tour Signups Live!

We have a great new blog tour for USA Today bestselling author Dan Jolley’s Gray Widow’s Walk, which introduces a fantastic new heroine, Gray Widow! Tour runs from June 20 through June 26.  Click on the link below for the tour signup page. 

Dan Jolley’s Gray Widow’s Walk Tour Signups

Genre: Cross-genre, Superhero fiction, urban fantasy

Three New Tours Now Available For Sign-Ups

We have three brand new tours available for sign-ups, running from May 2nd through May 8th!

Bob Freeman’s Cairnwood Manor Series featuring Keepers of the Dead
Genre: Horror/Dark Fantasy

Southern Haunts: Magick Beneath the Moonlight Anthology
Genre: Paranormal/Supernatural/Horror

Georgia L. Jones; Remnants of Life Series featuring Legends of Darkness and Witches
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

Four New Tours to Sign Up For Just Posted

Four brand new tours just posted!

Steven L. Shrewsbury’s Born of Swords
Sword and Sorcery
October 26 to November 1

Stephen Zimmer’s Hellscapes, Volume II
October 26 to November 1

John F. Allen’s Codename: Knight Ranger
Urban Fantasy
November 2 to November 8

Stephen Zimmer’s Heart of a Lion
Sword and Sorcery
November 2 to November 8

Two More Tours Open for Signups, in Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, and SciFi/Horror/Urban Fantasy!

We have two more tours now open for signups, be sure to see all 6 currently available!


Elizabeth Donald’s Nocturne Infernum
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Tour Dates: September 28 to October 4th

Sign up for the Hunt for the Nocturne Infernum Tour at: http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/elizabeth-donalds-nocturne-infernum-urban-fantasyparanormal-romance/


R.J. Sullivan’s Darkness With a Chance of Whimsy
Genre: Science Fiction/Horror/Urban Fantasy
Tour Dates: September 28 to October 4th

Sign up for the Hunt for the Darkness With a Chance of Whimsy Tour at:http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/r-j-sullivans-darkness-with-a-chance-of-whimsy-science-fictionhorrorurban-fantasyparanormal/

Two New Blog Tours In Horror and Horror/Military Thriller Genres Open for Signups!

Two more new tours are open for signups!


Peter Welmerink’s Hunt for the Fallen (Transport Book Two)
Genre: Horror/Military Thriller
Tour Dates: September 21-27

Sign up for the Hunt for the Fallen Tour at: http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/peter-welmerinks-hunt-for-the-fallen-blog-tour-signups-horrormilitary-thriller/


Brick Marlin’s Shadow Out of the Sky (Transitional Delusions Series, Book One)
Genre: Horror
Tour Dates: September 21-27

Sign up for the Shadow Out of the Sky Tour at: http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/brick-marlins-shadow-out-of-the-sky-tour-signup-horror/

Two Brand New Tours Offered, in Alternative History and Paranormal/Contemporary Fantasy!

Two brand new tours are now open for sign ups!


E. Chris Garrison’s Blue Spirit (First Book of the Tipsy Fairy Tales)
Genre: Paranormal/Contemporary Fantasy
Tour Dates: August 24 to August 30, 2015

Sign up for the Blue Spirit Tour at: http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/e-chris-garrisons-blue-spirit-paranormalcontemporary-fantasy/

AshleyRose Sullivan’s Silver Tongue
Genre: Alternative History
Tour Dates: August 31 to September 6, 2015

Sign up for the Silver Tongue Tour at: http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/ashleyrose-sullivans-silver-tongue-alt-history/



August and September Activity Signups!

We have some brand new tours for August/September!

All are open for sign-ups and are available now!:


Crymsyn Hart’s Death’s Dance, Book One of the Deathly Encounters Series
Genres: Horror/Paranormal/Dark Urban Fantasy
Tour Dates: August 18-24

Sign up at: http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/crymsyn-harts-death-dance-tour-sign-up/


Bob Freeman’s Shadows Over Somerset, the First Cainrwood Manor Novel!
Genres: Horror and Dark Urban Fantasy
Tour Dates: August 25-31

Sign up at: http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/bob-freemans-shadows-over-somerset-tour-signups/


Stephen Zimmer’s The Undying Light, Book Four of the Rising Dawn Saga
Genres: Cross-genre with appeal to urban fantasy, supernatural/paranormal fiction, military thrillers, mythical fiction, dystopian, general fantasy and horror.
Tour Dates: September 1-7

Sign up at: http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/stephen-zimmers-the-undying-light-tour-signup/


Trilogy: A Special Blog Tour Event Featuring Jackie Gamber and H. David Blalock
For Jackie: YA Fantasy, Leland Dragon Series.
For H. David Blalock: Urban Fantasy/Dark Fantasy/Dystopian, The Angelkiller Triad.
Tour Dates: September 8-14

Sign up at: http://www.tomorrowcomesmedia.com/trilogy-featuring-jackie-gamber-and-h-david-blalock/

Michael West and R.J. Sullivan Tours Open for Sign-ups!

We have two great new blog tours to sign up for, running in the first half of July!

They are:

HadesDisciples_1200X800Michael West’s Hades’ Disciples: Continue the Legacy of the Gods journey with national bestselling author Michael West! Hades Disciples, the followup to Poseidon’s Children, takes you on a dark fantasy/urban fantasy adventure filled with creatures and compelling characters.

See full information and sign up for the Hades’ Disciples Tour at:


HauntingBlue_1200X800R.J. Sullivan’s Haunting Blue: The Adventures of Blue Shaefer begins in Haunting Blue by R.J. Sullivan!  This paranormal/urban fantasy novel is a brand new re-issued edition from Seventh Star Press, introducing the character Blue Shaefer and taking you on journeys of the supernatural!

See full information and sign up for the Haunting Blue Tour at:




3 Brand New Tours Available For Sign-Ups!

We are proud to announce 3 great new week-long blog tours for mid-later June!

They are:

Irredeemable_Cover650X400Jason Sizemore’s Irredeemable, exploring a great collection of dark fantasy/science fiction stories. Nominated three times for the prestigious Hugo Award for his work with Apex Magazine, Jason unveils his wonderful gifts as a writer in this new short story collection!

More information and sign-up form at:


HerosBestFriendCover1200X800Hero’s Best Friend: An Anthology of Animal Companions! Fantasy and science fiction tales where the animal companion gets the spotlight! Edited by Scott Sandridge, this one features the involvement of a number of great authors!

more information and sign-ups at:


TransportBookOneFinalCover650X435Transport by Peter Welmerink, brings you an adventure in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested America. Very character driven and perfect for those who enjoy stories like The Walking Dead!

More information and signups at: